MMA Twitter reacts to Tyron Woodley sex tape leak

Tyron Woodley is having a terrible 2024 and it's only January 1.
 Tyron Woodley
Tyron Woodley / Jonathan Ferrey/LIV Golf/GettyImages

One day into the New Year and we already have an MMA scandal. This is why we can't have nice things.

On January 1, someone leaked a video of the former UFC champion in a sex act and MMA Twitter cannot handle it. And for the record, leaking videos like this is a crime and we won't be sharing the video, but it's a pretty easy find if you search Twitter.

But one thing we will share is all the hilarious jokes that have come from the leak.

Woodley was in the new recently when he revealed that several former UFC fighters, including Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz turned down massive paychecks to fight in Middle East.

“I control who fights on the card, and I’m looking to fight guys that are legendary to me.” Woodley recently told TMZ Sports. “That I feel like, maybe didn’t get the respect and the money that they should’ve gotten when they were at the top of the top. Like Georges St-Pierre. I offered him a dumb bag, he said no, ‘I’m not in that world anymore’.”

he continued, “I offered Nick Diaz a dumb bag, when I say ‘dumb’, I’m talking about pushing the eight figures,” added Woodley. “A lot of money, to fight me, in the middle east. But, they both said no. Nick didn’t say no, Nick liked the comment, so I don’t know what that means. But you know what I mean, [I want to fight] people that I respect, people that I thought were GOATS. Now that the money is really coming to the sport, I want to go at those people first.”

Woodley hasn't fought since he lost to Jake Paul in the boxing ring in 2021. His last win came versus Darren Till at UFC 228 in 2018.

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