MMA Twitter reacts to Brian Ortega, Tracy Cortez, Paulo Costa social media drama

MMA Twitter was all in on the potential love triangle between Brian Ortega, Tracy Cortez and Paulo Costa.

Brian Orega, Paulo Costa and Tracy Cortez
Brian Orega, Paulo Costa and Tracy Cortez /

It's been a wild few days on MMA Twitter thanks, in part, to Paulo Costa kicking up the dust. The whole thing started when Costa tweeted a selfie with UFC fighter Tracy Cortez who split from her fiance, fellow UFC fighter Brian Ortega.

The timeline and the details of the breakup are a little murky but it's been at least a few months since the pair were spotted together.

Costa continued to poke at Ortega by sharing a photo of his hand on the bare butt of a woman who fans thought was Cortez (spoiler alert, it was actually his own girlfriend) but the dye was cast and fans had a story in their mind and ran with it.

Apparently fans took to social media to rib Ortega for "fumbling" by losing Cortez and he was not going to let that narrative be the one the fans created.

So he took to Twitter to say he didn't "fumble" her, instead he "threw it away."

And, of course, Cortez wasn't going to let him get away with that and made her own post.

"Let me just say that to this day, I’ve yet to say anything negative about you or bash your name! Don’t start throwing shade now I’m blessed," she wrote.

MMA Twitter had a field day with Tracy Cortez, Brian Ortega and Paulo Costa love triangle drama

And it wouldn't be a complete MMA drama without the robust reactions of the fans on MMA Twitter.

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