MMA fans are ripping Jamahal Hill apart for his delayed UFC 300 reaction

Jamahal Hill is going on a rant about his loss to Alex Pereira moths after the knockout occurred.
Jamahal Hill
Jamahal Hill / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill took to Instagram on June 5 to point out how disrespectful his UFC 300 opponent, Alex Pereira was in the aftermath of the finish. The moment came after Hill landed a low blow to Pereira and the referee stepped forward to call a time-out for Pereira to recover. Pereira waved the referee off and Hill touched gloves with Pereira to signal the restart of the fight and seconds later Hill was knocked out.

In the comments, Hill claims Pereira's post-fight stance was disrespectful and that the knockout came in a moment of confusion, not because Pereira had done something great.

"Now I haven’t really spoke on this but I went to Brazil and DOGG WALKED your guy in one of the most one-sided ass whooping in championship history and after showed nothing but respect and paid homage!! I’ve never celebrated over an opponent I beat and even called out my fans for disrespecting Johnny Walker after I slept him!! But because I showed competitive fire and was excited to be back after an injury that could of ended my career y’all think this is was funny or cool!! @alexpoatanpereira you really setup a punch you couldn’t get to without a weird confusing moment and did some weak sh*t but it ok because you will fight me again and my eyes won’t leave you until your as stiff as Izzy left you in Miami!!!"

The fight happened in April and this is the first time that Hill has spoken like this about the fight. The delayed reaction plus several things in the comment has driven fans to come after Hill in his comments. And Hill is engaging with them.

"Jamal shut up dude…he got caught bc your footwork is trash and you were flat footed. Stop with the excuses. 10/10 times Alex beats you. Stop playing bro," someone wrote. Hill responded, "footwork makes more then your music makes you bruh!!! Feel free to come show me how it’s done"

Fans rip into 'absolutely pathetic' Jamahal Hill

Someone else replied writing, "Like dead a*s bro I might be talkin but I am a fan of yours. This excuse and everything jus doesn’t seem right ESPECIALLY since you waited as long as you did AND tried to be a friend AND enemy to Alex like you weren’t disrespectful with the chain and bottle mocking him…karma is a great thing lol."

Another fan said, "No disrespect, but I rewatched it several times and both of you threw a left hand after touching gloves, almost simultaneously. So I don't see your point here. You wouldn't argue if you'd have connected like he did. So I think you should move on and try to get your shot at him again."

Someone else left a lengthy comment writing, "This is absolutely pathetic. 'A punch you couldn't get to with out a wierd confusing moment' is one the dumbest things I've ever heard. First you, YOU fouled him by kicking his groin. YOU also touched gloves and the second you did the fight was back on. If you were such an elite fighter as you claim, you would ran out that position and get back to middle of cage. Because obviously your such an elite striker saying Alex Perriera couldn't hit that shot without a wierd confusing moment is saddest thing I've heard after a loss. Alex has done that to almost everyone and is known as the world's most dangerous striker for a reason, but yeah, that was a fluke. I can't wait for Ulberg to do the same to you, you being relevant is annoying."

Hill didn't take kindly to the comments fans were leaving and made a video addressing the haters in the comments and advised anyone with a problem to "pull up to the gym bro."

Hill and Pereira fought in the main event for the historic card but fans have already moved on from the fight seeing as there's been two more pay-per-view events since then and it's been almost two months. Some are wondering if Hill's trying to hype up a rematch in case there needs to be a new UFC 303 main event. Others think he's just trying to stay relevant after being out of the picture so long and then returning with a loss.


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