Misfits Series 007: Twitter goes crazy over KSI knockout of Joe Fournier (Video)

Boxing In London - KSI v Joe Fournier MF & DAZN: X Series 007
Boxing In London - KSI v Joe Fournier MF & DAZN: X Series 007 / Paul Harding/GettyImages

Misfits Series 007 ended in controversy as KSI knocked out Joe Fournier in the second round with what appears to be a right elbow.

When you pay to see a Misfits show, live or in person, you’ll get your money’s worth in either entertainment or controversy. Saturday’s event ended in the latter as KSI picked up a knockout victory over Joe Fournier. This is just the latest of things that go on with these influencer shows and drove social media insane.

Afterward, Tommy Fury jumped into the ring to have a face-off with KSI as those two look to be on a collision course. Also on the horizon is a matchup with Jake Paul, although that has lost a little bit of steam since Paul lost to Fury earlier in the year. Leading up to this event, KSI was spotted at WrestleMania during a match that Logan Paul had, dressed in a Prime Bottle costume which is a company that the Paul brothers own. Here are some of the Twitter reactions to the KSI knockout.

KSI knocked out Joe Fournier with an elbow and Twitter went nuts

dark. Next. When is Jake Paul's next fight?