Mike Tyson got into a street fight with Shannon Briggs (VIDEO)

Watch the hilarious shirtless scrap between Mike Tyson and Shannon Briggs.
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson /

Ahead of his fight against Jake Paul on July 20, Mike Tyson got into a topless street brawl with another veteran boxer, Shannon Briggs. Both Briggs and Tyson were roaming around the streets of Brownsville, the region of Brooklyn where they grew up.

The duo reunited amongst a bunch of naturally excited fans and as soon as Briggs greeted Tyson, the latter took his shirt out and Briggs instantly followed his footsteps. After a friendly back and forth that included harmless shots to the face and body, Briggs tried to pick up Tyson and two of the most ferocious boxers in history laughed, hugged each other, and gave everyone a memorable moment.

Tyson took to social media and appreciated Brownsville's finest for always being ready for a brawl, and the heartwarming interaction unsurprisingly received very positive reactions from fans worldwide.

Tyson once had the reputation of being the scariest boxer on the planet and even fans and media felt his intimidating aura. However, it is a delight to see how the veteran has grown as he is currently known for his rather calm and collected persona.

After watching the brawl between Tyson and Briggs, some fans reiterated their support for the former world heavyweight champion for his upcoming bout with Paul. Others were more than happy just to see one of their favorite boxers of all time being happy in the same streets where he once spent some of the darkest times of his life.

Watching Tyson move swiftly and throw hands also assured many that he's more than ready to put on a beating on Paul on July 20. Of course, there's also a strong sentiment that the fight will have no impact on his legacy as it would've been a complete mismatch if Tyson was in his prime.

Tyson and his long history with Brownsville

Over the years, Tyson has gracefully embraced his past and a significant part of it was spent in Brownsville. He's repeatedly opened up about growing up in Brooklyn, New York. In his biography, Tyson revealed that his family moved to Brownsville when he was 10. He had his first fight in the region when someone assaulted one of his pigeons and the fighting never really stopped after that.

Tyson's childhood in Brownsville revolved around crime and he was used to physical altercations. The boxer fought people who would make fun of his voice and lisp and was sent to prison multiple times before turning 18.

However, things changed for the good when Tyson's boxing prowess was identified by the likes of Bobby Stewart and Cus D'Amato who are easily two of the most influential figures in his life.

The way Tyson's grown through adversity is what makes him roaming the streets of Brownsville shirtless and laughing so special for his supporters.