Michael Chandler roasts Colby Covington and his lawyer in a late-night tweet

It sounds like Colby Covington is trying to silence Michael Chandler.

Michael Chandler
Michael Chandler / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

UFC's Michael Chandler took a brief hiatus from antagonizing Conor McGregor to blast Colby Covington late Thursday night.

"I’d respond to [Colby Covington] but I’m fearful of his ambulance chancing, cut-rate attorney…I have enough on my plate….I don’t need a bogus defamation suit based on my accurate tweets. Fighters don’t sue fighters for fighting. How’s your 'brain damage' kid?" Chandler tweeted.

This is clearly a reaction to something Covington's lawyer likely sent to Chandler after his many comments about Covington's UFC 296 loss.

"If Colby’s offense tonight was an accurate depiction of the U.S. strength, we would have never gotten our independence from Britain, lost WWI and got demoralized in WWII by a landslide. Colby, you suck," he tweeted just minutes after the fight concluded with aN easy win for Edwards.

In other tweets he elaborated saying, "Through three rounds, the guy who calls out the “triggered” sure is afraid to pull the trigger" and "Through four rounds Colby has taken 1776 punches to the face and his only offense is a few sloppy takedowns."

He was also spotted taking trash about Covington while hanging out with Nate Diaz and Bruce Buffer.