Michael Chandler, Dustin Poirier volunteer after Nate Diaz UFC 300 tweet

Several UFC stars want to fight Nate Diaz at UFC 300.

Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

Nate Diaz wants to come back to the UFC at UFC 300.

Diaz left the UFC as a free agent after he defeated Tony Ferguson in September 2022. He took a boxing fight with Jake Paul nearly a year later, but hasn't fought since.

He'd always remained open for a UFC return, if the opponent was right and UFC president Dana White also seemed open to keep the lights on for Diaz.

"UFC 300 would be tight but there’s nobody to fight," Diaz tweeted.

Soon after the tweet was made, several interesting oppenents volunteered for the task.

Dustin Poirier was on the first, tweeting, "5 rnds." He followed that up with the classic Diaz line, "Don't be scared homie."

Cub Swanson also replied simply writing a bear emoji and a knife e

Many of the comments wanted the trilogy with with McGregor, which was one of the fights Diaz said he'd return for. But McGregor is supposed to be fighting Michael Chandler.

Then Chandler piped in writing, "Hold tight. I’d love to crack your jaw. Things are still unclear with that former fighter who is masquerading as a real fighter."

We think if White could get any of these fights done, he would. So we're hoping after the holiday will have some form of a Diaz announcement.

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