Michael Bisping goes on epic rant over Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson news

Michael Bisping and other UFC fighters are concerned about the health and safetly of 57 year old Mike Tyson.
Michael Bisping
Michael Bisping / Yong Teck Lim/GettyImages

UFC fighters are up in arms over the announcement that Jake Paul will fight Mike Tyson. And we are right there with them. The fight seems like an absolute joke of a match-up on many levels. But here we are.

Former UFC middleweight champion turned UFC color commentary man, Michael Bisping immediately took to Twitter to voice his displeasure at what he saw.

"You should be ashamed of yourself. And the biggest joke is you don’t even slightly realize why," Bisping tweeted when the news broke. The "you" he seems to be aiming at Is the former YouTuber, who is taking on a much older legend of the sport.

He clarified that in a later tweet.

"Nah fair play to Tyson, hope he makes a shitloads of dough. But what self respecting fighter seeks out a contest with a 57 yr old legend when they are in their absolute prime. Make money fair play but stop with the 'legit boxer' talk," he tweeted.

Bisping also tweeted about the platform the fight will air on, Netflix.

"And fair play to Netflix. It’ll be a huge success," he tweeted. "Everyone will make money, but the child has made lots of money. At what point is it enough and try and get some respect as a fighter. Not hating, it just goes against the definition of the word fighter'."

It's clear Bisping's gripe is with Paul, and he's not wrong. All the points Bisping made wre correct. And he's not alone in that. Other UFC fighters chimed in to throw shade at Paul as well.

UFC fighters up in arms over Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson booking 'fans should riot'

Renato Moicano seems legitimately concerned for Tyson's heath, tweeting several times about the fight.

Alan Jouban is also concerned for Tyson who is 57 years old.

Other fighters reacted to the news as well.

All of these fighter's concerns are 100 percent valid. We're interested to hear the ruleset for this match and see if we actually make it fo fight day with both athletes in the ring.

The fight is expected to take place on July 20 in the Dallas Cowboy's NFL stadium, a location the UFC has been eyeing for some time.