Mayra Bueno Silva promises to 'kill' Julianna Peña (Video)

Mayra Bueno Silva and Julianna Peña are still going at it over the bantamweight title.
Mayra Bueno Silva
Mayra Bueno Silva / Handout/GettyImages

There is no love lost between Mayra Bueno Silva and former champion Julianna Peña and that's apparent in Bueno Silva's recent interview.

The pair have been trading jabs for months, likely angling for a match-up for the vacant bantamweight title but it was announced recently that Bueno Silva would fight Raquel Pennington for the title, not Peña. And that just turned the heat up 100 degrees.

Peña apologized to the fans for having to watch the "terrible" fight and doubled down on Bueno Silva being a "cheater."

Now Silva is firing back and it's getting ugly.

“Hey, Julianna,” Bueno Silva said on The MMA Hour. “I will kill you.”

Bueno Silva is serving a USADA suspension stemming from medication she was prescribed to treat ADHD. She was open about the incident.

“When you talk about mental health, you show you’re not good people,” Bueno Silva said. “Everyone knows I had problems with anxiety because of my mental health. When you use this to promote yourself, it’s not a good person.”

Peña earned her UFC title when she defeated longtime champion Amanada Nunes in 2021. She would lose in her fight title defense, a rematch with Nunes. She hasn't fought since.

“Look, the girl thinks she’s the champion but she’s not the champion,” Bueno Silva said. “Can someone please tell her she lost the last fight [against Amanda Nunes]? When she had an opportunity, she ran away from Amanda. Now she ran again. You know the toy, the chicken you squeeze and the chicken, ‘squawk squawk,’ Julianna is like that. Julianna only talks bulls***. She’s not a great fighter. She runs from every opportunity. She’s a noisy chicken.”

Bueno Silva will fight Pennington in the co-main event of UFC 297 on Jan. 20 for the vacant bantamweight title.

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