Maycee Barber reveals health scare, Karate Combat president chokes cornerman unconscious, Alex Pereira weight

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Maycee Barber
Maycee Barber / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

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Maycee Barber revealed the scary details surrounding her UFC Denver withdrawal

THE NEWS: Maycee Barber was forced out of what would have been her first UFC main event due to medical concerns. She revealed details of the issues in a lengthy instagram post. "I was put on numerous rounds of oral and IV antibiotics, which absolutely wrecked my system, she wrote. "When I accepted this fight I was told that I would be okay by the time July came around and so after a few weeks eased back to training and into a camp, as I got deeper into camp I just couldn’t find any intensity needed to get ready for a 5-round fight let alone the first 5 minutes of a practice. I wanted so badly to be able to go out there and perform in front of my home, family and friends. Especially against such a high level opponent in Rose."

MY THOUGHTS: Maycee is making the right decision by getting answers now before it ruins her body in a way that cannot be repaired. She's still young and should take things slowly when it comes to her health. We wish her a speedy recovery.

The Karate Combat president choked a cornerman unconscious at Karate Combat 47

THE NEWS: Karate Combat president Asim Zaidi stepped in to help when a brawl involving a cornerman at Karate Combat 47 got out of hand. Zaidi was able to get the man's back and rear-naked choked him to sleep to stop the scene.

MY THOUGHTS: While it's pretty "cool" and exciting to see, Karate Combat breeds bad behavior and this is not the first time I've seen things get out of hand at an event. There seems to be no order or actual control and it should have never gotten to this point. I know, I'm the killjoy.

Alex Pereira gained 25 pounds ahead of UFC 303

THE NEWS: UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira weighed in on Friday morning at 204.5 pounds and showed he'd gained more than 25 pounds by Friday evening, stepping on the scale as 230.2.

MY THOUGHTS: Not sure why these weight gains are being billed as something unique or impressive. Every fighter is putting the weight back on. I guess I don't see this as anything special or anything to imply any kind advantage or fight benefit. Jiri is probably up to the same weight too.