Marc Goddard revealed something we all missed during the Max Holloway, Justin Gaethje knockout

Marc Goddard says he did something during the Max Holloway, Justin Gaethje fight that he's never done before.
Max Holloway
Max Holloway / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Everyone has seen the epic moment when Max Holloway knocked out Justin Gaethje in the very last second of their five-round round. In fact, we've seen it from every conceivable angle multiple times. It was clearly the best moment of the night at UFC 300.

But there's part of it that we all missed. According to Marc Goddard, who was reffing the fight at the time, he screamed the first time ever during a fight.

"Id love the UFC to release the mic’d audio from me," he tweeted. "I literally screamed out at that ending, first time in 20 years. It was an automatic reaction I guess. I’m still speechless. Still have goosebumps. Both of these guys are the epitome of our sport. Sheer class. What a privilege."

UPDATE: The UFC released the Marc Goddard scream footage

Goddard is a veteran referee in the sport but isn't usually in the news for good moments. He was recently criticized for his stoppage of the Cedric Doumbe fight at PFL. In the fight Doumbe had a splinter in his foot and had tried to call for the fight to stop. It did stop but Goddard called the fight off entirely.

“I was shocked. ‘What the hell? What the hell is happening?’ Then the referee said, ‘You cannot stop the fight.’ I said, ‘Yes, I know, but I didn’t stop the fight!’ Then after everything, we’re cool. I was cool, I was relaxed. I said, ‘Marc, can I talk? ... You told me I cannot stop the fight," Doumbe said on The MMA Hour. "I said yes. That’s the rules. I kept going, I kept fighting. But the second time I didn’t stop the fight. Baki talked to you and then you stopped me.’ Then he said, ‘No! You cannot stop the fight!’ He didn’t want to listen to me. I was very sad, because we trained three months, my team and me we did a lot of marketing about that fight, it was sold out, everybody was proud, everybody was waiting for that fight, and Marc Goddard just stole the fight. I really don’t understand.”

Another fighter who complained about Goddard was Merab Dvalishvili who cited his stoppage and one in the Aljamain Sterling fight as his reasons for ire.

"...Every time I see [Goddard]... I'm only scared of God, and every time I see [Goddard] --- I panic, you know?" Dvalishvili said on The MMA Hour. "I saw some other fights, and every time something happens he jumps around, he wants to jump in and stop [the fight]...I respect the job but we are fighters. ...Me, I'm ready to die [in the octagon], that's [my mentality]."