Mackenzie Dern & estranged husband are accusing each other of domestic violence

Wesley Santos and Mackenzie Dern
Wesley Santos and Mackenzie Dern / Instagram

Court papers reveal abuse allegations involving Mackenzie Dern and her estranged husband Wesley Santos.

Mackenzie Dern just had one of the biggest performances of her career but it looks like she still has the biggest fight ahead of her.

Dern alluded to abuse she sustained from her husband Wesley Santos while speaking on the MMA Hour this week.

“So I feel like I’ve been having to defend myself this whole time for things that I never thought I’d have to defend myself for,” she said. “I was in a situation in my relationship where I couldn’t even defend myself, because I was getting, like, threatened that if I did anything, I’d be talking to the police and I could lose my daughter.

She continued saying, “So, I stayed in my relationship because I believed in the family, and I believe that that’s what God wanted and stuff. But there’s a certain point where you try, try and try, and things don’t change, and it just keeps getting worse and worse. And then, like I was saying, I wasn’t even able to defend myself. ... Like, police were getting called to the house. It was just getting out of control, and going through that in front of your daughter, you don’t want your daughter to witness that.”

Mackenzie Dern accused Wesley Santos of 'slamming a door on her leg'

According to court records, obtained by MMA Fighting, Dern alleged "repeated physical and emotional abuse, once slamming a door on her leg as he allegedly dragged her into their house during a fight."

Santos has denied those claims, saying that he's "disappointed that Mackenzie chose to make public statements about our divorce."

Dern says that several of these incidents were caught on video, and she provided those videos to the court when requesting custody of her daughter Moa. She also alleges he abused the family dogs and accused him of "unauthorized credit card purchases on her credit card, and forging a lease renewal on the apartment they once shared."

In the court filings Santos says it was Dern who abused him, and provided photos. He also accused her of beating their daughter, on video.

They are expected in court in June for the restraining order, which was filed in April.

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