Luke Rockhold injury: Everything we know about why he quit BKFC 41 [UPDATED]

Luke Rockhold
Luke Rockhold / FiteTV

Luke Rockhold suffered an injury which forced him to throw in the towel at BKFC 41.

Luke Rockhold's bare-knuckle debut didn't exactly go as planned.

On Saturday night he stepped into the ring with Mike Perry at BKFC 41 and shortly into the second round, spit out his mouthpiece and called off the fight. At the time fans and even the broadcasters were confused about what happened.

Now there's a bit more clarity.

According to BKFC president David Feldman, Rockhold broke several teeth.

“Luke Rockhold, some of his teeth got cracked,” Feldman said at the post-fight press conference. “So that’s why he wasn’t able to continue. “His teeth got messed up pretty good. What a great start to that fight. Great fight.”

The win brings Perry's record to 3-0 in BKFC and Rockhold's to 0-1. There's no indication if Rockhold will test his skills in the ring again as he hasn't released a post-fight statement yet.

Rockhold hasn't won a fight since 2017.

[UPDATE] Luke Rockhold releases statement after bare-knuckle loss

On Sunday afternoon Rockhold took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the fight.

“Well f*ck,” Rockhold said in the video. “What can I say? You can check bareknuckle off the list. Some crazy sh*t. Those little knuckles got me, square on the front two (teeth). Maybe a beard. Maybe a better mouthpiece. It was a good fight. It’s a shame that it ended that way. Motherf*cker Mike, you tough bastard. Congrats. I’m not done. Some gloves would be nice, though.”

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