LOOK: UFC fans think Conor McGregor got plastic surgery

Conor McGregor appears at UFC 285.
Conor McGregor appears at UFC 285. / PATRICK T. FALLON/GettyImages

Fans accused Conor McGregor of using steroids and getting plastic surgery after UFC 285 appearance.

Conor McGregor has always been known as a bit of a flamboyant character. His appearance is important to him and he tends to show off his wealth via flashy watches and brightly colored designer fashion.

When McGregor returned to the UFC late last month to begin filming for The Ultimate Fighter, fans noticed a change in the former champ-champ's face.

The UFC posted a video ahead of UFC 285, featuring McGregor and Michael Chandler and the comments went wild over McGrego's face.

Fans think Conor McGregor's face has changed

"Conor look like he got plastic surgery or sum," someone wrote. Another fan agreed saying, "he definitely got something done."

Another fan wrote, "Don't know if that's a real or AI generated McGregor" and someone else said, "Is this a deepfake?"

Someone pointed out that even his voice was different, "his voice changed too bro its crazy."

Some fans accused McGregor of using steroids, and that's the reason his face has changed, "nah nah I meant like that’s the narrative/excuse for it lol. He on the good shit fs."

Someone else asked, "What’s Happened connor f***ing jacked up tell by his eyes"

Several others just thought McGregor was on some sort of recreatuional drug in the video.

"Stoned Mcgregor," a fan said. Another wrote, "McGregor with the tired eyes, lay off the grass best win this fight."

What fans are probably noticing is his increased weight gain, due in part to his upcoming role in the movie remake of Road House and not actual plastic surgery, but that's just speculation. McGregor has not commented on the accusations.

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