LOOK: TJ Dillashaw unrecognizable in new shirtless photo

TJ Dillashaw looks like a middleweight in new selfie.
TJ Dillashaw
TJ Dillashaw / Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Former UFC champion TJ Dillashaw looks like a whole new man in a recent Instagram photo.

Dillashaw, who retired in late 2022, posted a shirtless selfie with the caption, "Planting seeds of hard work last year, ready to harvest success this year. Patience pays off. #NewYearNewRewards"

But he looks totally jacked and unlike the 135 pound fighter we all knew during his time in the UFC.

Fans took to the comments to voice their opinions about the new look.

"Bro turned into Ryan Bader," someone said of the Bellator heavyweight champion. "Bro wants the McGregor fight at 185," someone else commented. "McGregor effect," someone else said.

Several fans accused him of using steroids.

"Planting seeds? lol more like popping pills," someone wrote. "So much Testosterone the hair vanishes," another fan commented. A third fan said, "Bruh we know what you’re doing."

Dillashaw served a suspension for PEDs in 2019 after testing postitve for EPO after fighting Henry Cejudo at flyweight. He served two years.

“It’s hard to hold grudges, because I did it,” Dillashaw told MMA Junkie in 2020. “I made the mistake. I dirtied my name myself. It’s not on anybody else. I gave them fuel. It hurts, but that’s part of the payment – part of the payment for how I dirtied my name up. I’ve got to live with it now. Trying to hold onto those grudges, that’s like holding onto the past. I’ve already moved on. I’m ready to push for that next goal and getting my belt back.”

When he left MMA many thought he was leaving the USADA testing pool to heal his shoulder, and would return. We don't know if that's the case.

“I went and had a shoulder surgery four weeks ago, and the doctor just kind of like, had a raw conversation we me,” Dillashaw told Brendan Schaub on “Food Truck Diaries.” “He was like, ‘Hey, man. It’s time to make a decision. This is your third shoulder surgery in the last three years.’ … It just got me thinking about life and my son, and being able to be active with him, and swing a golf club with him – just live life outside of fighting, you know?”

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