LOOK: Dana White's body transformation explained

Here's what UFC president Dana White did to get in shape.
Mar 25, 2023; San Antonio, Texas, USA; UFC president Dana White at a press conference after UFC
Mar 25, 2023; San Antonio, Texas, USA; UFC president Dana White at a press conference after UFC / Aaron Meullion-USA TODAY Sports

Dana White's body transformation is one of the most talked about in combat sports because, from a stage where doctors predicted he had around 10 years to live, the UFC president now boasts one of the most impressive physiques for anyone above 50.

White has a net worth of over $500 million and many believe that his massive bank balance has helped him lose weight much more quickly. However, digging deeper into his processes that have been openly promoted through the official UFC account on multiple occasions makes one realize that White works hard to maintain his healthy lifestyle too.

The secret behind Dana White's quick weight loss journey

White credits Gary Brecka, co-founder of 10X Health Systems, for changing his life. Five months after White adopted Brecka's learnings, he shared the results through the official UFC YouTube channel.

When White took Brecka's genetic test that calculates your remaining life, one of the most concerning things was the high Triglycerides count. This was life-threatening and by asking him about the discomfort while tying shoes, Brecka assured White of his expertise as the UFC President had never shared this with anyone.

Since then, White has closely worked with Brecka on his nutrition and physical training. Within six months, they were able to bring White's Triglyceride levels to normal. Another success was the major reduction in White's VLDL Cholesterol Cal. He no longer takes cholesterol medication which was a part of his life for the past 10-15 years.

White also witnessed a significant decline in his sugar and insulin levels. He claimed to feel like he was in his 20s again and had all the praise for Brecka's work.

Dana White explains how water fasting helped him get shredded

White has been pretty experimentative while making fights for the Octagon and seems to have a similar approach regarding his health. In Dec. 2023 on the Full Send Podcast, he talked about his 86-hour fast that he got to know about through an online clip of a doctor from Boston.

Brecka approved of the fast and White survived on water for over 80 hours. To the shock of many, he felt great in the process and said that he could have fasted for seven days if he wanted to. According to White, putting the body through adversity compels it to shred dead cells and temporarily giving your organs the task of surviving a fatal situation has many advantages.

"It rips you to f*****g shreds which is great, but really, the benefit is internally. It's like the blood work with Gary. When everything's right inside, everything looks good on the outside".

Dana White's Superhuman Protocol explained

White follows the Superhuman Protocol which involves four elements - the PEF pad, oxygen therapy, red light therapy, and cold plunging.

PEF stands for pulse electromagnetic field that replicates the vibrations we get from nature. It improves the quality of sleep and helps in muscle recovery. If one can't afford the machinery, it is recommended to simply go out and walk barefeet as the effects are almost identical.

Cold plunging is a common recovery tactic among athletes and White has incorporated it into his daily life as well. Soon after waking up, he goes into the cold plunge and he loves being pushed to the limit.

"I go in at 50 degrees for three minutes. So, when you start cold plunging, it's very hard at first. It's very mentally challenging, which I do love about it. It makes you feel incredible. It is literally my version of coffee in the morning. It's what wakes me up and gets me going." White admits that cold plunging is hard to get into but it is one of the best things he's added to his routine.

Next up is oxygen therapy which includes wearing an oxygen mask and taking in 900 liters of concentrated oxygen while you're mildly exercising with brief high-intensity activities. According to White's coach Brecka, oxygen therapy helps pump up the heart as well as detoxify the body making it one of the most effective ways to exercise.

Photobiomodulation, a.k.a. red light therapy, involves passing infrared and near-infrared light through the body at different wavelengths. From better eyesight and skin to a reduction in inflammation, this process comes with many benefits that White actively makes the most of.

Brecka claims that red light therapy can boost the metabolism of the mitochondria of the cell due to which it is used by athletes for recovering and improving performance.

Red therapy is also a key component for boosting the body's longevity and anti-aging. Brecka claims that if he could only have one biohacking device in his life, it would be the red light machine.

Last, but obviously not the least, is White's workout, which is mostly lifting light weights for high reps. In the two years that the UFC President has focused on his health, he's progressed a lot and wishes to do even better in 2024.

"Since I started taking my health seriously, almost two years ago, my life has completely changed. I'm more active, I have more energy, I'm more productive at work, I'm more productive in life, period. I swear to god, I feel like I am 25 years old again".

Although White admits that having the money to make your own gym and purchase other equipment gives him an edge, he strongly believes that anyone can revamp their health with the right mindset. This is one of the reasons why he's been so open about his weight loss journey and expects his followers to take their health seriously as well.

Fans seem divided on White's transformation as some see it as inspirational, while others are skeptical about the techniques used by Brecka. Either way, White's transformation is talked about heavily because of its sudden, yet effective nature, and it's hard to deny that a lot of effort went into making it possible.


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