LOOK: AJ Agazarm thinks Gordon Ryan's last win was fixed, Gordon responds

AJ Agazarm has made a big accusation about Gordon Ryan following his latest win.
Gordon Ryan and AJ Agazarm
Gordon Ryan and AJ Agazarm /

Former Bellator fighter and decorated Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete, AJ Agazarm is accusing Gordon Ryan of fixing his last fight.

“I just found out from a very credible source that apparently the contract between Gordon Ryan and Patrick Gaudio for the WNO final was setup for Gaudio to take the fall via armbar,” Agazarm wrote on Instagram. “I wish I was joking here, but I’m not."

Ryan is widely considered to be the greatest no-gi grappler of all time winning ADCC five times and competing (and winning) most of his matches in spectacular fashion. He even predicted he'd submit his latest opponent Patrick Gaudio with an armbar.

“I will try and get a call with Gaudio or a copy of the contract to confirm, but if it’s true this will be so bad for all the parties involved. I knew something seemed off with this one. I get trying to hype up an athlete for views and numbers, but this is just an all-time disgrace. It’s going to start turning into boxing," Agazarm wrote.

Gordon Ryan clapped back at AJ Agazarm: 'Rationalization skills are strong with this one'

Ryan responded to the accusation writing, “I’ve made it. Rationalization skills are strong with this one hahaha. 100% my haters talk about me to their therapists.”

This isn't the first time that Ryan and Agazarm have butt heads. In November 2022 Agazarm posted a motivational quote and photo on Facebook and Ryan made a dig at his record saying that Agazarm had "forgot" to win. Agazarm replied back pointing out Ryan's steroid use writing, "even if that means destroying your stomach liner and a relationship with your own brother."

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