LOOK: 26 celebrities who train MMA [UPDATED]

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Celebrities who train MMA: Chris Hemsworth

The Hemsworth brothers have taken Hollywood by storm over the last few years. Starring in some of the biggest movies and making quite the names for themselves, the Hemsworths are known equally for their acting skills as their good looks. Staying in top shape has always been a priority for actors, and Chris Hemsworth is no exception.

Hemsworth, known for his role of Thor, has taken physical fitness to the next level. He has recently created his own workout program called Centr. In his program, clients will receive training tips and diet advice. Hemsworth has given fans a glimpse into the type of training that will be involved in this new programming and not surprisingly, there is a lot of boxing and combat style training.

Hemsworth has been active in boxing and martial arts as a form of training. His interest in combat sports stems from his love of MMA. Hemsworth can often be seen in attendance at UFC events and other combat sports.

As like many fans of the sport, Hemsworth has no interest in stepping into the cage.

“Nah seriously Elsa there’s no way I’m getting in the cage, I pretend to be tough, this shit is real….is there green screen involved??” Hemsworth joked to his wife on Instagram.

It seems with his boxing skills he could make the transition to boxing or MMA if that is something of interest in the future. For now, continuing to use these forms of martial arts and boxing to keep in shape for movie roles seems to be working well enough.