LOOK: 26 celebrities who train MMA [UPDATED]

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Celebrities who train MMA: Charlize Theron

There are many forms of fitness that celebrities try out to get in shape for movie and TV roles. It seems that some forms of working out are just fads that come and go, but one form that has stayed for the long haul is martial arts training. Many times an actor or actress needs to learn to fight for a movie role. In that case the actor or actress will take fighting lessons or practice some form of martial arts. This was the case with Charlize Theron.

Theron has played many roles of women who can kick butt. It was one of her most recent role as as Lorraine Broughton in Atomic blonde that led Theron to MMa training. The role called for her to be able to fight and learn to fight she did.

Her stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave spoke to PEOPLE.com about her athleticism and skills while filming.

“She would do sacrifice throws, she was rolling around on the ground. The stunt crew — they all loved her, and how she gave as good as she got. They were trading throws,” Hargrave says. “She would push the stunt guys to a level that she knew she could take or beyond.”

Theron learned to fight and fought buy being a tough women. The press leading to the release of the movie had Theron promoting “fighting like a girl” and gained the respect of other female fighters. The movie was also a sponsor of the UFC and appeared on the canvas of the Octagon. Theron is a huge fan of the UFC and MMA as a whole. She has attended many events and can be found tweeting about the fights for a pure fan perspective.