LOOK: 26 celebrities who train MMA [UPDATED]

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Celebrities who train MMA: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber seems like an unlikely mixed martial artist. The 24 year old singer/ pop star burst onto the scene at just 13 years old. However over the last 10 years Bieber has rose to such stardom that he could pretty much do anything he wanted, including fighting. Although getting into the UFc Octagon seems far fetched at this point, Bieber is no stranger to the training it takes to become an MMA star.

Bieber is a huge fan of combat sports, mostly boxing. Bieber now trains boxing as part of his fitness routine. He has been making headlines with his boxing skills which make people wonder if Beiber is headed towards the ring.

Beibers introduction to competitive boxing may come from one of  the greatest fighters of all time. Bieber has been close with Floyd Mayweather for years. He walked Mayweather out to his fight on several occasions including his fight against Marcos Maidana back in May of 2014. Bieber has also been seen training with Mayweather several times.

Recently it seems that the two have had a falling out. Mayweather called Bieber a “traitor” to TMZ following an instagram fued. Although not rising with Mayweather anymore, Bieber is still training in the gym as well and messing around in some wrestling with friends.

The UFC has been known to promote the crossing over of stars from music or other sports to the organization, whether is competition of commentary, if that is something Beiber is interested it odds are it could be arranged.