Logan Paul responds to Conor McGregor threat (Video)

Conor McGregor said he would "slap the nose" off Logan Paul and now he's responded.
Logan Paul
Logan Paul / Misfits Boxing

It's been hard to keep up with who Conor McGregor is talking trash to. He's aimed at Tony Ferguson, Michael Chandler, random reporters, and Nate Diaz and that's all just this week.

But at some point, he also threatened to "slap the nose" off Logan Paul, who is gearing up to face McGregor's friend and teammate, Dillon Danis.

And Paul isn't even the least bit worried.

“I’d like to see him attempt to slap the nose off my face,” Paul said while promoting his upcoming boxing fight. “Conor McGregor is an average MMA fighter and a horrible boxer. I’m gonna beat the s**t out of his b***h Dillon, and then I’m gonna beat the s**t out of him.”

Logan Paul wants to put $1 million bet on the line with Conor McGregor

Paul took to Twitter to Twitter to propose a bet with McGregor that he'd beat Danis. On the line would be $1 million.

“But he ghosted me, bro,” Paul said about the bet. “He won’t even bet a million on his fighter. That’s chump change for a guy like Conor. He won’t even bet a million dollars on Dillon."

He continued saying, “He had nothing to say when I called him out on Twitter. So you think he’s going to step in there himself? I don’t know, it feels unlikely.”

So far, McGregor has not responded to Paul's comments or the bet.

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