Laura Sanko buried Jamie Varner after sexist, ignorant tweet

Jamie Varner isn't a fan of Laura Sanko on UFC commentary.
Laura Sanko
Laura Sanko / UFC

During the UFC Vegas 89 broadcast former UFC fighter and former WEC champion Jamie Varner posted several tweets disparaging Laura Sanko who was working doing UFC play-by-play for the event. His several tweets caught the attention of fans, media, and even fellow fighters.

"[Laura Sanko] sucks so bad at commentating! She’s a try hard that speaks about things she knows nothing about. Talking about blast doubles and how tiring it could be in the first round of the fight, like what do you know about any of those things? Stay in your lane, TryHard," he tweeted. A second tweet just moments later also reads, "Laura Sanko] is ruining the fights by talking so much. Leave the commentary to the people that have actually fought. A female UFC fighter should have that job, she is just annoying and it’s obvious she is trying so hard and doesn’t know what she is talking about." He also included a clown emoji.

Jamie Varner tweets
Jamie Varner tweets /

After the event, Sanko saw the stir that was occurring online and responded to the criticism in the best way possible. " [Jamie Varner] you and I actually fought on the same card in 2011 for Titan FC. We warmed up next to each other in the basement of the Memorial Hall building in KCK. My best friend braided your hair because you couldn’t find anyone to do it. I remember thinking how cool it was at the time to be on a card with you. I had followed your career in the WEC and was a a little star struck to be honest. It’s ok that you don’t like my commentary, but respectfully, I’ve been a part of this game and training since 2006. I’m a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu and while I can’t compare my career to yours I have in fact fought. And if ufc had a 105 division I would have fought a lot longer."

Sanko, who is the first female UFC play-by-play person of the modern era, is widely respected by the fans, media, and fighters for her knowledge, expertise and on-point commentary. May fans sticking up in defense for Sanko noted that he didn't point out Joe Rogan or Jon Anik for not fighting in the UFC, despite both being considered some of the best in the business.

Varner replied to Sanko and doubled down on his criticism of Sanko writing, "I’m not attacking your character, I feel like your commentary is a lot like my UFC career. There have been some good nights but it was mostly bad. Last night I had to turn the sound off because it was too much. It seems like you are trying hard to fit in. Criticism is inevitable."

MMA fans were quick to defend Laura Sanko

For the record, Sanko has fought, though never in the UFC due to her weight class not existing there. But, that shouldn't matter because previous fight experience isn't a prerequisite for the men on commentary and shouldn't be for the women either.


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