Larissa Pacheco reveals 'radio silence' from PFL since becoming double champion

Add Larissa Pacheco to the growing list of fighters upset with the PFL.
Larissa Pacheco
Larissa Pacheco / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Several PFL fighters have come out with complaint about the promotion since they purchased Bellator and merged the two rosters. These complaints have been coming out slowly over the last few weeks and now one of the promotion's biggest stars is speaking out.

PFL lightweight and featherweight champion Larissa Pacheco says she hasn't heard anything from the promotion since becoming its first-ever two-division champion.

"6 months since becoming PFL’s first 2 Division Champion and radio silence from the promotion," she tweeted. "Where is my fight with [Cris Cyborg]? We want it..the fans want it..Where are the PFL?" Cyborg also replied to the tweet writing, "I have not formally been sent any bout offer for any fights this entire year. Athletes deserve the ability to be offered at least 2 fights a year. It’s impossible to build momentum and grow your brand with the fans fighting any less."

These complaints come on the heels of Kayla Harrison leaving to sign with UFC and other fighters listing their grievances. Former Bellator fighter Sabah Homasi says he's not been paid for medical costs stemming from a fight, Gegard Mousasi and Douglas Lima both say PFL has not given them a fight either.

Larissa Pacheco isn't the only PFL fighter voicing their issues

Cyborg has been tweeting almost daily about her issues with getting a fight and with head honchos at PFL speaking about booking fights to media without actually talking to her first.

One fighter even complained that he hadn't been fully paid for his fight with PFL. "I have received no offer from the pfl and I haven't even been paid in full yet since the fight, I took a detour for the people, give me a reason to do it again or let me move on," he wrote on Twitter. Baysangur Hanma fought and defeated PFL star Cedric Doumbe but claims he hasn't been paid for the fight. In the meantime, Doumbe has fought again.

PFL signed Francis Ngannou and Jake Paul in 2023 but neither of them have been booked to actually fight yet. Both men have had several fights in boxing since announcing their signings and fans are losing hope that either will ever fight for the PFL.

Additionally, fans have been complaining about the production level of the events which have had controversial hot mic moments, typos, and mistakes in graphics and an old event was even broadcast over the live event.

Last season the PFL was underfire for disqualifying two fighters for not having an exciting enough fight, despite the fact that the promotion booked two fighters who were godfathers of each others children and could have predicted the outcome. In their place they advanced a fighter they invested in (Shane Burgos) who didnt earn the points to advance.

We must remember there's two sides to every story and PFL hasn't given their side of the story yet. It's hard to ignore the volume of issues though.


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