Is Kim Kardashian dating Francis Ngannou?

A deep dive into Francis Ngannou dating rumors.

Kim Kardashian and Francis Ngannou
Kim Kardashian and Francis Ngannou / Getty/ Amy Kaplan

Apparently, there's a quote floating around the internet which allegedly hints that reality TV star, Kim Kardashian is dating former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

The quote has been shared across multiple websites and used in memes on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but no one has cited where it originated from, which is a red flag.

The quote, "I am compatible with former UFC boxer Francis Ngannou. I feel his energy within me. I think that one day, I will have the pleasure of visiting Cameroon" doesn't even seem like how Kardashian talks.

There was even a Twitter footnote on the MMA Uncensored tweet about the quote.

"There is no reputable source claiming Kim Kardashian had actually commented this about Francis Ngannou or ever mentioned Ngannou at all. This information originates from this source (known to spread misinformation) and since been picked up by multiple unreliable media sources."

We're calling bullsh*t on this rumor.

Kardashian is rumored to be dating Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., according to a source who told People that they are "hanging out" together. She's also dated Pete Davidson, Reggie Bush and was married to Kanye West and Kris Humphries.

Is Francis Ngannou dating Miesha Tate?

The rumor about Kardashian isn't the first time he's been linked to someone romantically. He was aslso rumored to be dating former UFC champion Miesha Tate. That rumor has not been confirmed and is highly unlikely.

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