Kai Kamaka is PFL Sioux Falls' fighter to watch

Here's why you should keep your eye on Kai Kamaka at PFL 6.
Kai Kamaka
Kai Kamaka / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Former Bellator featherweight Kai Kamaka made his PFL debut when he fought at PFL 3 versus Bubba Jenkins. Kamaka won the fight via a unanimous decision and earned three points towards the standings, unfortunately that sits him at No. 5 in the standings with only the top 3 advancing.

What that means is that he'll be extra motivated heading into his PFL 6 appearance opposite another Bellator veteran Pedro Carvalho. The pair will both have only one more chance to earn enough points to advance to the Playoffs in August. Carvalho is currently ranked 10 out of 10, sitting at the very bottom of the rankings which leads me to believe he'll come out looking for the quick 6, first-round finish.

Kamaka may not be as urgent as Carvalho but he won't back down from a fight and I expect this one to be big fireworks from the opening bell. Since they are fighting early in the card they will also not have the luxury of knowing exactly what they'll need in order to advance which means they'll both want to earn as many points as possible to put pressure on the other guys in the division.

Kai Kamaka fights Pedro Carvalho at PFL 6

Speaking to Spectrum News ahead of his PFL debut, Kamaka explained how he's feeling heading into the 2024 season. “I just feel like I’m getting younger, as a professional. I'm focused more on recovery, more on sleep, but more attention to detail and film. And then those things make my other attributes better – my athleticism, my striking, my wrestling, my footwork. They all play a part with each other," he said. “I just want to make the people I sacrifice for happy.”

If Kamaka can find that finish early he'll bump himself up in the leaderboard and could earn a trip to the PFL Playoffs for his debut season with the league.