Jorge Masvidal wants to take Justin Gaethje's 'f***ing head off' in return to Octagon (Video)

  • Jorge Masvidal's next Gamebred event will host a heavyweight title
  • Masvidal confirmed he will be coming out retirement
  • He also called out Justin Gaethje for his eventual MMA return
Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Jorge Masvidal has been keeping busy promoting his Gamebred Bareknuckle promotion and has a huge MMA card on the horizon, but while he's preparing men and women for battle, he's teased a return to his own fighting career.

In a recent interview with FanSided MMA ahead of Gamebred Bareknuckle MMA's inagural heavyweight title fight, Masvidal revealed he's 100 percent serious about his "unretired" tweet.

“I’m definitely unretired," he said. "I’m definitely going to hurt some people, and I’m definitely going to box this year. I just want to get in the best shape possible, get in that cage again, and give it all I’ve got. I can’t go out on a f***ing L, either. The more I think about it, it hurts me and haunts me, so I’m coming back just to rearrange someone’s face, or faces.”

And whose face is he picturing for his return? Justin Gathje ... the current BMF title holder.

“I’ll tell you what, if Gaethje still has the title, I wouldn’t mind snatching it off his hands via taking his f***ing head off. It’s nothing against Gaethje, I just think it would be a good fight to showcase my skills and beat that a**," he said.

Speaking of the BMF title ... the title will be on the line again with Gaethje looking to defend against Max Holloway at UFC 300. And Masvidal has his thoughts on who he wants to win that fight.

Jorge Masvidal picks Max Holloway to beat Justin Gaethje at UFC 300

“I’m the biggest Holloway fan, I’m one of his biggest fan ever," he said. "I loved this guy from the moment I saw him come to UFC, to right now, what he stands for, how he carries himself, how he performs outside of the cage as well. I love this dude, he’s a f***ing warrior. I can see it in his eyeballs, everything about that guy is real. I’m 100 percent going for my boy Max. Gaethje is no slouch, he can do it all, he’s won it before and he actually beat a great competitor, one of the better guys to do it at 155 in Dustin Poirier. I thought Dustin was winning and then all of the sudden, boom! A head kick can change a whole fight. Gaethje’s dangerous, but I’m going to go with my boy Max.”

There's been a bit of rumblings of a rematch between Masvidal and Nate Diaz, who fought for the original BMF title. Diaz has already expressed his interest in fighting at the Sphere during UFC Noche and it looks like Masvidal might be open to that venue as well, if the price it right.

“The UFC would have to call me for that one in particular and work out a rather handsome deal," he said. "But for now, my mind is more on boxing, I’m not looking to do MMA immediately. Would I do it? Of course, I love it, it’s my favorite thing in the world. But for right now, I want to do some boxing before I even think about doing MMA.”

Before any of that can even be a serious thought, Masvidal must host his next big event, Junior Dos Santos vs. Alan Belcher at Gamebred Bareknuckle MMA for the heavyweight title this Saturday, March 2 at Kia Center in Orlando, FL. along with the Kick App, will be the hub for all streaming content, with individual videos being posted to the website after each live stream ends.


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