Jorge Masvidal wants Justin Gaethje to defend his BMF title 'against me' (Video)

Jorge Masvidal might want to fight again.
Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal / Handout/GettyImages

Former BMF champion Jorge Masvidal has given Justin Gaethje, the new BMF champion, some advice as he enters the new era of his career.

And it's very much on brand for a BMF.

“I think he should defend it against me, if you ask me,” Masvidal said. “That’s what should happen if I was to come back to the sport. That’s a big if, but I never knock off coming back to fighting because I love fighting. I love fighting. It’s my favorite pastime, it’s my favorite sport, it’s my way of life. So, I can never say I’m not going to fight."

Masvidal retired in April and has since gone on to become a promoter of bare-knuckle MMA and boxing, among other things.

While he isn't dead set on a return he did give the new champion some more advice.

“But I think Gaethje should just stay active really," he said. "Fight. Keep fighting. Stay competing, stay fighting the world’s best, because that’s what a bad motherf***** is supposed to do, take them all on. I never said, ‘I’m not fighting this guy because he’s a high-level grappler or this guy because he’s a f****** better striker than me.’ One or all, they’re all the same to me. Gaethje pretty much has that attitude, that’s why he’s a bad motherf*****. He’s not ducking nobody. That guy literally will fight anybody. A wrestler, striker, jiu-jitsu guy, he takes them all, and that’s a big requirement.”

Gaethje became the BMF champion when he defeated Dustin Poirier in Salt Lake City. The belt was initially created between Nate Diaz and Masvidal and then was resurrected for the Gaethje vs. Poirier fight.

And, in case you're wondering, Masvidal isn't that close to a return (if at all) as he's still out of the USADA testing pool.

“It’s not something that I would do yet or that I want to do yet,” Masvidal said. “It’s always in the back of my mind, like, man, I miss fighting. But right now I want to get these promotions off the ground. I do have some news that’s huge, but I can’t announce it yet.”

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