Jorge Masvidal and Chael Sonnen are going at it on Twitter

Former BMF champion Jorge Masvidal is firing back at Chael Sonnen after a series of tweets.

Jorge Masvidal and Chael Sonnen
Jorge Masvidal and Chael Sonnen /

Did you have a beef between Jorge Masvidal and Chael Sonnen on your MMA Bingo card this week?

We sure didn't.

On Monday, after news broke that Masvidal had reached a deal in his Colby Covington assault case, Sonnen took to Twitter to blast the former BMF champion in a series of tweets.

Later in the night it was made clear why Sonnen took aim at Masvidal and it was due to comments made while he was appearing on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

"Yo I see you beefing with everybody," Masvidal said to Helwani who was arguing with Sonnen just the day before. "Chael's a b*tch. That's the dirtiest fighter that ever lived. He got popped with like nine substances ... he's a punk."

It wasn't until Tuesday that Masvidal replied to the slight, tweeting, "You juice head, I bet you won’t say this stuff in person. just keep the same energy when you see me."

Sonnen replied writing, "Since I don't spend much time in county jails, homeless shelters, methadone centers, or dodgy, unlicensed, outdoor barber-shops, it's unlikely we'll see each other in person anytime soon."

We'll keep an eye on this brewing conflict and update you if it ever turns physical.

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