Jon Jones injury update

Here's everything we know about Jon Jones' injury.

Jon Jones
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On Tuesday night UFC president Dana White revealed that UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones had withdrawn from his UFC 295 fight with Stipe Miocic due to injury.

Now, days later, he's finally spoken out about the injury and losing what was set to be the biggest UFC fight of 2023.

“Thank you to everybody who’s checked in with me to see how I was feeling,” Jones said on Instagram. “Obviously, a very sad situation. Very upset. But I’ve been through a lot of things in life, and injuries is a part of being an athlete. I want to thank the UFC for getting me into one of the best doctors in the country, Dr. Neal ElAttrache. Thank you to Dr. Neal ElAttrache and his staff members over here in California for seeing me so quick.”

According to White, Jones separated the tendon that connected the pec muscle to bone and would be out for at least eight months.

Jon Jones apologizes to Stipe Miocic for pulling out of fight

Because of the injury, Miocic will now wait on the sidelines for Jones and Tom Aspinall and Sergei Pavlovich will fight for the interim title at UFC 295.

“I wanted to say thank you to Stipe Miocic for all the work that he’s put in,” Jones said. “Also, sorry to Stipe and his team. This comes with the territory. Thank you to all my coaches and training partners, everyone who has helped me get this far – can’t even say to the fight. But the goal is to get surgery tomorrow and get back to work as soon as possible. I guess it’ll be Stipe and I at a later date, and that’s my plan.

Jon Jones gives injury update

Now the next steps are toward a quick recovery.

“So it’ll be surgery and physical therapy for me for the next several months. But I’m committed. I’m committed, and my head is high. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me, and I love you all. And again, sincere apology to the fans. I know some of you guys, it was a huge commitment to get out to Madison Square Garden. Hopefully, these other heavyweights, Aspinall and Sergei put on a great show for you guys. I may even show up to the event to watch. But I love you all, and your boy Jon Jones is doing OK. And I’ll be OK. Take care.”

Dana White says interim title fight for Stipe Miocic would have been 'complete disrespect'

White also updated the media on his plans for Jones and Miocic.

“Jon called and he said he hurt his shoulder training and wrestling, and his team thought he just needed a few days off and, ‘you’ll be fine and whatever,'” White said during Tuesday's Power Slap 5 press conference.  “He felt like something was really wrong, flew out here and did the MRI, found out what was wrong and he was super emotional about it, really upset and we did what we do and flipped it and made another fight."

Unfortunately, this means Miocic must wait.

“Stipe’s not fighting for an interim title. Jones said, ‘I want to fight Stipe. I said, ‘You’re fighting Stipe.’ You have the greatest heavyweight to all-time, versus the greatest martial artist of all time. This is a legacy fight for both of those guys. To even call Stipe and ask Stipe to fight for an interim title, is complete disrespect. This is a fight for two legends. Legacy. Two of the greatest to ever do it. The fans want to see it, I want to see it and they both want to do it.”

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