Johnny Walker speaks out after shocking no-contest at UFC 294

Johnny Walker says his no-contest versus Magomed Ankalaev should have been a disqualification.
Johnny Walker and Magomedov Ankalaev
Johnny Walker and Magomedov Ankalaev / GIUSEPPE CACACE/GettyImages

On Saturday at UFC 294, the fight between Magomed Ankalaev and Johnny Walker was called off after Ankalaev landed an illegal knee on Walker.

When the (terrible) doctor entered the Octagon he deemed Walker unable to continue fighting after Walker allegedly said he was "in the desert" when the doctor asked if he knew where he was.

When the fight was called off the pair tried to fight in the center of the Octagon before security and UFC president Dana White jumped in to separate the two men.

When it was called off the official ruling was a no contest, but many felt it should have been a DQ for Ankalaev as it seemed intentional.

Now, days later Walker has taken to Twitter to respond to the fight ended sequence.

Johnny Walker wonders how Magomed Ankalaev 'still doesn’t know the rules' after UFC 294 illegal knee

"After a nice briefing with the referee before the fight, an experienced fighter still doesn’t know the rules?" he wrote along with a video of the moment.

"It should be DQ," he tweeted on Monday morning.

"I’m still in the desert," he joked.

After the fight White spoke on the moment and the doctor who had caused an uproar earlier in the night for telling a fighter he wasn't injured when it was clear he was.

"The guy's inexperienced," White said during the post-fight press conference. "I think there's a lot of things that probably happened. I guess he asked [Walker], 'Where are you right now?' And his response was, 'I'm in the desert.' He's not wrong. I think there's a big language barrier in there between the two of them. Inexperience, and you know, it sucks. It's one of those things that happens sometimes, and we'll make it right and we'll fix it."

No word on how White will "fix it" but perhaps there will be a rematch or perhaps he means Walker will get a win bonus.

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