Johnny Walker has 'no emotion' heading into Magomed Ankalaev rematch (Video)

Johnny Walker isn't going to let the last fight affect the next.
Johnny Walker
Johnny Walker / Amy Kaplan

UFC's Johnny Walker wants to finish Magomed Ankalaev in their rematch and prove he's next in line for the title.

And he has a plan when it comes to getting the win over Ankalaev in the main event at UFC Vegas 84 on Saturday, Jan. 13.

“I’m pretty sure if any of my good shots land, he’s going to sleep," Walker said. "If I get his back, I’m going to make him sleep, too. I’m going to choke him. I always try to push and get the best of myself and to finish the fight as well. I don’t like the judges deciding the fight for me and too much hard work for someone to maybe make a wrong decision. I want to make sure I have the fight in my hands so I’m going to do my best to finish the fight.”

The pair nearly came to blows after their first fight was stopped to due an illegal knee Ankalaev landed on Walker in the very first round.

He says that emotion is gone and won't affect the rematch.

“I’m not worried about nothing – I have no emotion,” Walker told MMA Junkie and other reporters at Wednesday’s UFC Fight Night 234 media day. “I have no hate against him. Because emotion can maybe play against you if you have hate, maybe you’re going to make a mistake. No, I’m going to be very technical, very aggressive at the right moment, without emotion. Like a robot. Like a machine. This is how you have to be so you don’t commit mistakes.”


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