Joe Rogan wonders if Conor McGregor will be the same again 'No one comes back from that' (Video)

Joe Rogan isn't sure Conor McGregor will ever be the same again.
Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The last time we saw former UFC champion Conor McGregor he was being wheeled out of the arena on a stretcher after suffering a gruesome leg break at UFC 264. Since then he's been healing and rehabbing the injury in hopes of making the long-awaited return.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan is one of many people who wonder if McGregor will be able to make a successful return.

“No one comes back from that,” Rogan said on his podcast. “No one has ever come back from that catastrophic leg break. The shin break. Not a single athlete has come back from it and performed at the same level. Anderson Silva’s the only guy who came back and fought multiple times, and he was not the same guy.”

One of the reasons its taken McGregor so long to come back is that he left the USADA testing pool, seemingly in order to take banned substances which aided in his recovery process. That's something that Rogan supprts.

“I certainly support guys taking things to recover from injuries like Conor did with his leg injury,” Rogan said. “One-hundred percent. No question. I’m 100 percent all-in on that. That’s the only way."

He explained further saying, “They just started testing him recently. He was jacked and also, that’s when you should do it, when you have something like a catastrophic leg injury. I mean, he’s got rods in his legs, he’s had multiple surgeries. It’s not just one. It doesn’t always heal right and it breaks again. Like Dan Hooker, he has a rod in his arm. He broke his arm in a fight, I think it was the Jalin Turner fight, so he had it fixed, he had rods put in it and he just broke it again. So now he has to have a second surgery. They’re doing some new procedure to try and get the bones to fuse because the bones didn’t fuse correctly. The rods are the only thing holding it in place and it snapped.”

Joe Rogan thinks Conor McGregor needs a 'tune-up' fight before Michael Chandler

One other thing Rogan worries about is McGregor's future first fight back. He's supposed to take on Michael Chandler, but Rogan wishes he'd take a bit slower start back.

“I just don’t see how you can take two years off, multiple surgeries, get on juice, get off juice and jump in there against the best in the world. Maybe he can do it, but if I was his coach and the option was available, I’d say let’s get someone who’s not even in the top 15. Let’s get some guy who is beatable but a good test. We’ll call it a tune-up fight. We get to see how you perform. This guy gets an opportunity to beat Conor McGregor, you get to test your skills again and feel the lights and feel the pressure, get your timing back, have that fight, [then] six months later you have a big fight.”

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