Joaquin Buckley versus Michael Bisping, Daniel Cormier & Chael Sonnen is not the beef we thought we'd get in 2024

Joaquin Buckley is going in on everyone on the UFC commentary team ater Conor McGregor call out.
Joaquin Buckley
Joaquin Buckley / Michelle Farsi/GettyImages

After his impressive and dominant win at UFC St. Louis, Joaquin Buckley called out Conor McGregor by calling out his whole bloodline referring to them as "hoe's" and saying McGregor's mother "raised a hoe." Many people thought Buckley wasted an incredible moment on the microphone with a call-out for a fight there was no way he was getting.

But now that call out has taken a life of its own as both Daniel Cormier and Michael Bisping are speaking out against the callout and Buckley too.

“Not the best callout,” Bisping said after the fight. “Listen, I like Joaquin Buckley. I’m not talking sh*t. But that fight with Conor McGregor is never going to happen, so you could say that potentially he wasted a callout. And then on top of that, then he went too far. He’s trying to be insulting and give McGregor a reason to want to fight him. He was calling his mom and grandma a hoe, basically. I like a bit of sh*t talk, and then when he went that far, I’m like, ‘Oh sh*t, this is bad.’"

“I think it was just in the moment with the adrenaline, with the big win, with his home crowd," bisping continued. "He probably thought it was being funny, but I don’t think anyone particularly enjoyed that one. (He got) a great win over a tough opponent. The man’s got massive amounts of charisma, ridiculous knockout power, very athletic and he’s got a bright future. He should have called out somebody realistic, though.”

Daniel Cormier says Joaquin Buckley's Conor McGregor call out was the 'worst callout in history'

Cormier felt similar to Bisping and spoke about it on his podcast. “That was horrible, how do you do that? I just don’t know what he was doing. Then he goes and he calls Conor McGregor’s mom a bad name. It couldn’t have gotten worse. It was bad,” he said onGood Guy vs Bad Guy.

Unfortunately, the criticism didn't stop there. Chael Sonnen aslo hopped on the bandwagon to slam Buckley's call-out. “[He fights a] dangerous opponent, wins, gets the microphone and goes super long. That is very telling of the situation because you never get that much time on the mic," Sonnen said. "Then he goes to the Conor McGregor thing and they [the St Louis crowd] start to boo him. How did he manage to turn heel in his home town? Then he tells them not to boo him! I have never seen [that]."

Buckley did later admit the he knew the call-out was not realistic but took offense at the UFC commentary team not understanding why he did what he did and for taking it too seriously.

In a recent Tweet, Buckley called out all three men for "twisting" his words and saying their moms also "raised some hoes." Cormier didn't take kindly to that and fired back with a retort of his own calling Buckley a "pussy" and warning him to leave his mother out of it. We would never have expected this to be the beef we're dealing with in 2024 but we're here for it nevertheless.


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