Jamahal Hill accidentally unleashed a Twitter mob on Megan Olivi

Jamahal Hill and Megan Olivi
Jamahal Hill and Megan Olivi /

Jamahal Hill was upset with UFC broadcaster Megan Olivi over an on-air slip-up.

On Sunday morning, before boarding his flight home from UFC Charlotte, UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill tweeted something to UFC broadcaster Megan Olivi about an on-air slip of the tongue.

The tweet, which has since been deleted pointed at Olivi referring to Hill as the "interim" champion during her post-fight interview with Johnny Walker. He then hopped on a plane and Twitter went nuts targeting Olivi in defense of Hill.

Olivi replied to the initial tweet explaining herself and apologizing, "I immediately corrected myself! I’m so sorry, you know I have nothing but respect for you!" but it wasn't until his plane landed that he corrected himself and confirmed that Olivi had corrected herself.

"You did and I didnt catch that the first watch!! It’s always been nothing but respect between us and I appreciate u," he tweeted.

He then deleted the tweet and issued an apology and asked for his followers to leave her alone.

Here's the clip in question.

The apology and clarification comes after vile tweets were aimed at Olivi for the simple mistake.

The slip of the tongue isn't entirely surprising. Fans can forget that Hill fought for the undisputed title due to Jiří Procházka being injured and relinquishing his title. It's not often that a champion willingly gives up his title which is probably why the slip of the tongue occurred.

Olivi is one of the UFC's most respected broadcasters and mistakes are few and far between but she is human, and it would serve MMA Twitter to remember that next time.

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