Jake Paul is getting involved with politics (Video)

Jake Paul is hoping to use TikTok to sway the youth to vote and get more informed on politics.
Jake Paul
Jake Paul / Warren Little/GettyImages

Jake Paul has become one of the most recognizable figures in modern times. He has a following from his YouTube channel and the combat sports world. He has a whopping 25 million followers on Instagram and another 4.6 million on Twitter.

Now he's using that platform to help bring awareness to a the younger voters in hopes of bringing a President into power that would otherwise not have gotten enough attention.

One of those people is Vivek Ramaswamy, a businessman who founded Roivant Sciences, a pharmaceutical company, and announced he'd be running for President of the United States under the Republican Party.

"If he or any other President wants to beat Trump or Biden they need the youth," Paul tweeted. "It might be a shock to y’all that most 18-28-year-olds don’t use this platform or let alone care about politics. We need our youth to VOTE and to IDENTIFY with a president. HOW does the youth (who mainly uses social to interact) identify with a president who isn’t personally operating their social and is relatable to them? I want my audience to understand the importance of this election."

Paul thinks that any candidate running in the upcoming election needs to get on TikTok (where he has 17.3 million followers) in order to be seen by this demographic.

Ironically it's Ramaswamy who is pushing for younger voters (the exact ones Paul is preaching) to have a harder time voting.

According to CBS News, "He's proposing a constitutional amendment that would require citizens 18 to 24 to pass a civics test in order to vote — the same one immigrants take to become naturalized U.S. citizens. Under his proposal, young Americans could, as an alternative, perform six months of military or first-responder service. But if none of these requirements are met, they would have to wait until they turn 25 before they could vote in their first election."

So then why is he putting all the time and energy into getting those same young voters to know who he is?

"Furthermore, after launching Tik Tok (in just 2 weeks) it now has become Vivek’s most viewed platform," Paul tweeted. "I am the most followed American athlete on TikTok and command legions of American fans to engage and enact. Someone can be an amazing candidate with amazing policies but if they can’t get into office it doesn’t matter."

Ramaswamy is on TikTok and already has more than 53,000 followers. He's only following four people (Paul is one of them).

Jake Paul is helping Robert Kennedy Jr. and Vivek Ramaswamy with their 2024 Presidential campaigns

Paul didn't stop there though.

He shared a second tweet with another Presidential candidate, Robert Kennedy Jr.

"I’m teaching the underdog presidential candidates (who I think are best for this country) how to use Tik Tok because they need the youth to beat the big dogs," Paul tweeted. "As a millennial it’s important for our presidents to understand us and to be able to connect with us. We’ve lost sight of the UNITED States Of America. The division in this country is frightening. REMEMBER we are “one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all”. Connection to our leaders helps eliminate division."

Kennedy Jr. is a lawyer and writer known for advocating anti-vaccine misinformation and public health-related conspiracy theories. He will run under the Democratic Party and is related to former US President John F. Kennedy.

Kennedy Jr. is on TikTok with more than 437,000 followers but he's not following Paul.

It's interesting to see how Paul could potentially influence the youth vote, especially considering he appears to be helping both of the major parties.