Is Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson real? Twitter doesn't think so

Both Jake Paul and Mike Tyson have confirmed they've signed a contract to fight each other.
Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson
Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson / MVP

MMA Twitter has never been kind to Jake Paul and many are now doubting the legitimacy of the influencer's recent fight announcement.

Just five days after knocking out Ryan Bourland to pick up his ninth professional win, Paul dropped a bombshell on Twitter by announcing his upcoming fight would be the first boxing fight live streamed on Netflix against former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. The bout will reportedly take place in Arlington, Texas in the AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys, on July 20.

While Paul and the Most Valuable Promotions initially broke the news, the announcement was simultaneously posted on Tyson's social media accounts as well. All three accounts — along with the official Netflix Instagram and Twitter accounts — also released an official trailer promo video featuring a face-off between the two boxers, showing evidence that the fight had been in the works for some time.

As the promotion expected, the news shocked the general public in the morning hours of March 7 in the continental United States. However, many doubted the legitimacy of the announcement due to the vast difference in age and size between Paul and Tyson.

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MMA and Boxing Twitter in a panic over Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson boxing announcement

On the date of the scheduled fight, Paul, 27, will be over three decades younger than Tyson, who will turn 58 in June. Tyson will have a significant size advantage as a career heavyweight with Paul never competing above 200 pounds.

Tyson and Paul recently competed on the same card on Nov. 28, 2020. The event featured Tyson's return to boxing at 54 years old in the main event against Roy Jones Jr. Paul would knock out former NBA star Nate Robinson in the co-main event, a video that would ultimately go viral and spark the beginning of his true success in boxing.


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