Jake Paul makes massive dig at Dana White over Conor McGregor rumor

Jake Paul never misses a chance to roast Dana White.
Jake Paul
Jake Paul / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the big news in the combat sports world was Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul getting postponed due to a health issue with the 57 year old Tyson. People were calling for the fight to be outright canceled due to Tyson's age. When asked about the news at the UFC 302 press conference, UFC president Dana White had this to say about the fight and his friend Tyson.

"Obviously I know a lot about it but I'm not going to talk about it publicly. For the first time in all my life, I have no comment on something," White said. "That's Mike's [Tyson] world and he gets p***** every time I talk about that stuff so. Good for him, they'll figure it out."

Now, a few days removed from UFC 302 and those comments, the big news is about Conor McGregor and the mysterious postponement of the UFC 303 press conference which was supposed to take place on June 3. Rumors have been swirling that McGregor is out of the fight and the UFC is scrambling to find a replacement.

Paul took to Twitter and posted White's exact quote about his own fight as a way to throw a dig at the UFC head honcho in his time of panic.

Jake Paul mimics Dana White over Conor McGregor issues

There's been no official word about when and if the Tyson vs. Paul will take place and no official announcement referring to UFC 303 either. Lots of fans are taking White's UFC 302 presser comments about making a BMF title as a clue that White may match BMF champion Max Holloway with Chandler if McGregor is out of the fight.

“We’re working on the BMF title right now,” White said at the UFC 302 presser. This was, of course, before the news of the presser postponement broke. “We’re working on a lot of stuff right now, obviously we’ve got The Sphere coming up, we’ve got Madison Square Garden, we got a lot of big fights coming up around that time, we’ll get it figured out.” At press time, both the Tyson vs. Paul and McGregor vs. Chandler fights are still on.


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