Jack Shore UFC 301 injury update (Photos)

Jack Shore's father and head coach Richard has blasted the cage side doctor for stopping the fight.
Jack Shore
Jack Shore / Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Jack Shore lost his UFC 301 fight on Saturday night due to pretty wild circumstances. After checking a leg kick, Shore's leg swelled and began to bleed. It seemed pretty obvious to everyone watching that he suffered a cut on his shin. But the cage-side doctor was called in to check the injury and deemed him unable to continue fighting.

In the moment fans were perplexed by the stoppage. Leg cuts are not a normal reason to stop the fight. It appeared that the doctor though the leg migh tbe broken, which turned out not to be the case according to Shore's father and head coach.

Richard Shore took to Twitter to voice his displeasure about how the fight was handled. "Well what can we say. Ref stops the fight for Doctors opinion," he wrote. "Doctor stops the fight.1 kick off and say it’s a cut on the shin we can continue. Jack asks to continue. The [cutman] says to the Doctor he can work the cut and stop the bleeding. Doctor says it’s fractured? Fight over. We get taken to hospital. Have an X-ray and no fracture. Couple of stitches and sent us home. Let fighters fight. We were chasing the fight but still comfortable and confident. Awful way to end a fight. Jack is devastated. Thanks to everyone for all the love and support. To all the haters go F**k yourselves. See you all soon."

He also commented on a photo ESPN MMA posted of the cut with blood running down. "That was the actual cut. Terrible stoppage. Your photo is showing the blood running down the shin, which makes it look worse than it was. No fracture just a few stitches," he wrote.

Richard isn't the only one complaining about the stoppage. Former UFC fighter took to Twitter to blast the stoppage. "That shouldn’t have been stopped, and that doctor didn’t need to be digging his damn fingers in the cut to make it worse," he wrote. "It’s a cut. The bone wasn’t broken. Play on." Belal Muhammad also wanted to see the fight continue writing, "Come on it’s just a shin."

At the time the injury did look pretty bad and its the doctors job to determine how severe something is. I'd much rather a doctor lean on the side of caution when it comes to fighter safety. If Shore had broken a bone and be allowed to fght on we might be having a very different conversation right now. Even the on-air commentary team thought the fight should have been stopped in the moment.


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