Igor Severino finally apologized for the now-notorious UFC bite

Igor Severino bit Andre Lima during their UFC Vegas 89 bout and has finally given his first interview since the incident occurred.

Igor Severino
Igor Severino / UFC

Igor Severino is no longer a UFC fighter after UFC president Dana White cut him from the promotion after he bit his opponent mid-fight at UFC Vegas 89. The debuting fighter left a massive bite mark on the inner arm of Andre Lima during their preliminary fight and was instantly disqualified from the match.

After the wild scene unfolded, White awarded Lima a $25,000 bonus for the fight, later upping it to $50,000 after Lima tattooed the bite mark and the phrase "I got f*ucking bit bonus" on his arm.

FanSided MMA spoke to Lima just moments after the fight were he expressed confusion and said he felt that the young fighter should be given another chance at the UFC before he'd learned he'd already been cut.

Now, nearly a week later Severino has finally commented publicly about the incident.

“It’s been crazy – some crazy days. One day, I was fighting in the best promotion in the world. I was making my dream come true. The next moments, I’m banned from the promotion,” Severino told MMA Junkie, through an interpreter. “I come from humble beginnings. I’ve been working since a very young age. I left my home as a teenager to come over to train and to get here. Then, to see all of this go away and in the way it did, it’s something that is not part of me. It’s not who I am as a person. That’s not who I am as a fighter. I just feel very regretful. It makes me very emotional and sad about it.

Severino then apologized to everyone involved.

“My dream became a nightmare overnight. I’m very regretful to my opponent. I apologize to (Lima), to Dana (White), to the Nevada Athletic Commission, to Sean Shelby, who spoke to me after the fight, to Mick (Maynard) – everyone in the organization – and the fans. Sorry to everyone who was watching that on TV. They didn’t deserve to see that.”

Igor Severino says he doesn't remember biting Andre Lima, says he was on 'autopilot'

Though he offered a robust apology, he couldn't explain why he bit Lima simply saying, "I was on autopilot. I don’t remember anything.”

Lima doubled down on his thoughts about Severino and perhaps, after sleeping on it, White may give him a second chance in the UFC.

“I feel so sorry, to be honest,” Lima told TMZ through an interpreter. “I’m sad for him because he came from the same thing. He struggled a lot like I did. He has a family. He has a bright future. …I feel so much for him because I know the same journey I have, he has too. I feel bad for him.”


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