Ian Garry says online attacks on wife 'absolutely has an effect on me and my loved ones' (Video)

  • Ian Garry and his wife suffered an online attack late last year
  • He says the trolling affected him family
  • But he also claims the MMA community should thank him for it

Ian Garry
Ian Garry / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Ian Machado Garry is speaking out about the online attacks against his wife and getting real about how that time affected himself and his family.

Late last year MMA fans went after Garry and his wife Layla after a book "How to be a WAG" surfaced online authored by Layla. The fans jumped on the narrative that she "groomed" Garry and had made him a cuckold. The hate even got so bad that UFC fighters like Sean Strickland piled on and Garry was forced to lock down his social media and go into radio silence.

Now, ahead of his return to the cage, he's revealing what when down during that time.

“So all of the [expletive] that’s been said absolutely has an effect on me and my loved ones, and it’s hurtful and it’s upsetting and it was difficult to deal with at the time, but we’ve learned from it. Somehow through all that negativity we’ve learned to pull the people around us closer. If you don’t eat at my table, I don’t care for your opinion," Garry told TNT Sports.

Despite how the videos, memes and tweets affected his family, Garry is taking a positive spin to it.

“The truth is the MMA community should be thankful because everybody’s videos that were posted, that had my name on it, got much more traction, more views. … Everyone posted about it, everyone talked about it, and the truth is, I guarantee you go back and look at your videos, those videos at that time got the most views," he said. "And you had people talking about me, talking out their ass, not fact-checking, not doing anything. The truth is, I’m still going to show up to do my job this time. I’m going to get my hand raised. I’m going up to 14-0 and if anyone has a problem or anyone has anything to say, I couldn’t care less.”

Garry will face Geoff Neal at UFC 298 on Saturday in Anaheim, CA.


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