Ian Garry blasts Sean Strickland for 'pedophile' claims (Video)

  • Ian Garry commented on the comments Sean Strickland made about his wife
  • Strickland called Layla a pedophile
  • Garry promises to fight Strickland someday as payback
Ian Garry
Ian Garry / UFC

Many people have criticized Sean Strickland for his various levels of trash talk and Ian Machado Garry is one of those people.

Late last year Strickland weighed in on an online attack of Garry's wife, Layla, after a book she wrote surfaced How to be a WAG. Fans attacked her and Garry for various elements of their relationship including Garry changing his name and their friendship with her ex-husband.

At the time, Strickland tweeted about her calling her a predator and a pedophile due to the age difference between her and Garry.

"My wife was called a pedophile by Sean Strickland. No woman ever deserves to be called that," Garry said during his UFC 298 media day interview. "The people that follow Sean Strickland commented on a couple of my photos at the very start of this hate saying, 'Is the kid even his?' I should never have to hear that."

Ian Garry says 'I'll thump the f***ing mouth off' after Sean Strickland trash talk went too far

He continued, "Those two things, they emotionally get me. And I'll get mine back. I'll thump the f***ing mouth off Sean Strickland one day and there'll be nothing he can do about it. I'll talk to him, I'll dance in his face, I'll do whatever I want. Because the truth is, when we get locked into that cage one day, he's never going to be able to deal with me."

Strickland is always saying something controversial but in the lead-up to his title fight, he finally lost his cool when someone came after him. Dricus Du Plessis brought up the abuse Strickland suffered as a child and he went on a sort of campaign to explain where trash talk has its limits. Many felt that was hypocritical of him considering the things he's said about others, including Garry's family.

"When you attack people in my circle when they don't deserve it, that's out of line," Garry said. And look, Sean Strickland is not the f***ing voice we should all be listening to. He's deeply, deeply indebted with trauma and he should just be silent and try to deal with his own personal issues himself.

He continued, "There's no f***ing man on the planet that talks about my wife or my family like that and doesn't get it eventually. The truth is, he's never going to be relevant again. He's lost the belt, he's lost the interest. There's a point that which I'll jump in on a short-notice fight and I'll dance all over him."


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