Historic first women's match announced for Power Slap 5

Sheena Bathory vs. Christine Wolmarans will be the first women's Power Slap match in the promotion's history.
Sheena Bathory
Sheena Bathory / Amy Kaplan

Sheena Bathory will be making her official Power Slap debut at Power Slap 5 on Wednesday, Oct. 25.

UFC CEO Dana White made the announcement on Saturday while UFC 294 was airing. She'll face Christine "The Edge" Wolmarans in the first official women's match-up in the promotion's history.

Though Bathory has competed for Power Slap it was not in an official capacity (think Dana White's Contender Series, The Ultimate Fighter or Road to the UFC).

Fans of Power Slap might remember Bathory from the reality show where she coached several men and taught many of the men who are champions now about the sport she has been dominating.

Her viral knockout in Dec. 2022 garnered nearly five million views on YouTube after her opponent did a full summersault from the force of her slap.

It's unclear where on the card the women will be placed but here's the previously announced line-up.

Power Slap 5 fight card:

  1. Vern “The Mechanic” Cathey (5) vs. Bear Bennett (8) – Light Heavyweight
  2. Wesley “All the Smoke” Drain (2) vs. Travis “Tenacious” Aragon (3) – Middleweight
  3. Waylon “Ice Cold” Frost (2) vs. Andrew Provost (3) - Welterweight
  4. Ryan “The King of Kings” Phillips (4) vs. Darius “The Destroyer” Mata-Varona (6) - Heavyweight
  5. John “The Machine” Davis (C) vs Azael “El Perro” Rodriguez (1) – Middleweight Title
  6. Ron “Wolverine” Bata (C) vs. Austin “Turp Daddy Slim” Turpin (1) – Light Heavyweight Title
  7. Damien “The Bell” Dibbell (C) vs. Nate “The Buffalo Soldier” Burnard (1) – Heavyweight Title
  8. Da Crazy Hawaiian (2) vs. Kalani “Toko” Vakameilalo (3) – Super Heavyweight Title

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