30 greatest UFC fighters of all time [UPDATED]

Celebrating 30 years of the UFC, ranking the 30 greatest UFC fighters of all time.
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12. Royce Gracie

The most influential figure in MMA history, Royce Gracie kicked off the UFC era in 1993. Bringing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to the eye of the American public, Gracie won the first two UFC tournaments, when there were no weight classes and barely any rules, beating Art Jimmerson and Ken Shamrock. Gracie also won the fourth tournament, beating Keith Hackney and Dan Severn. In 1995, the UFC introduced the short-lived Superfight championship, where Gracie and Shamrock fought for 36 minutes (the longest fight in UFC history) to a draw due to a lack of judges.

Gracie would return to the UFC in 2006 to face Matt Hughes and suffered his only loss in the organization, going 11-1-1 overall. Gracie would again return to action for his third fight against Ken Shamrock for Bellator in 2016, winning by knockout. Gracie was the first fighter inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2003.