Grading every UFC 303 finish from best to worst

There were only five finishes at UFC 303 and we're going to give each one oa grade.
Joe Pyfer
Joe Pyfer / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

UFC 303 went down on June 29 and there were great fights with exciting finishes to make International Fight Week an overall success. There were five finishes throughout the night including a head kick knockout, a doctor stoppage, and more. All UFC 303 finishes will be given grades below.

Payton Talbott vs. Yanis Ghemmouri

A+. . . Payton Talbott's KO . Payton Talbott's KO of Yanis Ghemmour

The second-best finish of the night was Payton Talbott's quick knockout over Yanis Ghemmouri. The fight began with Ghemmouri throwing a spinning head kick, that did not come close to landing. Both fighters stood in the center as Talbott threw a calf kick and feinted a jab. Talbott then dropped Ghemmouri with a strong right hand, leading to ground strikes finishing the fight. It was all over in 19 seconds and was the first finish of the night. Talbott is just 25, has eight professional MMA fights, and has only been doing the sport for three years. This finish was so special because it was so quick, came at a perfect time, and gave much attention to a possible, rising star.

Jean Silva vs. Charles Jourdain

. . Jean Silva's KO. Jean Silva's KO. A-

Jean Silva's KO over Charles Jourdain was worth more of a bonus than Chiasson's doctor stoppage victory. Silva did not get a bonus as he missed weight, and the UFC has rules on bonuses against fighters who miss weight. This was a better finish, though, as Silva was winning throughout until the finish. Jourdain started off well as he was picking apart Silva with kicks and distance punches. When Silva began to close the distance, Jourdain got in trouble as he got dropped by a good right hand. The last time Jourdain got dropped was in October 2020 against Josh Culibao, which ended in a draw. That showed how tough and defensively responsible Jourdain was until that point. Jourdain got two takedowns but could not hold the larger Silva down. The second round began with Jourdain attempting distance striking first and then wrestling Silva. He briefly got Silva down, but he was not strong enough to hold him down again. As soon as they separated, Silva became the first man to finish him as he landed a right uppercut.

Joe Pyfer vs. Marc-Andre Barriault

Joe Pyfer's KO. A. . . Joe Pyfer's KO

Joe Pyfer got back in the win column against Marc-André Barriault. When the fight started, Pyfer was immediately on the pressure, leading to two good calf kicks being landed. He landed a strong right hand on the temple, stunning Barriault. Pyfer then went off on him with a flurry of punches, sleeping him in a minute and a half into the first round. Recently, Pyfer had a major loss where he was outclassed by a top 10 ranked veteran named Jack Hermansson by unanimous decision. Pyfer is 27 and is still learning, as this win showed. Pyfer can be a top contender if his mind is right, and he learns the right, proper skills.

Macy Chiasson vs. Mayra Bueno Silva

Macy Chiasson's doctor stoppage. B. . . Macy Chiasson's doctor stoppage

The worst finish was Macy Chiasson's doctor stoppage over Mayra Bueno Silva. Chiasson was losing the fight until Silva received something unfortunate. Silva was consistently on the pressure while out landing and out damaging her in the first round. Chiasson then landed an elbow, in the second round, that immediately busted a cut on Silva's head. The referee intervened to get a doctor to look at Silva's cut. Silva wanted to continue, but the cut was dripping so bad, the doctor suggested the fight be stopped to avoid any further, possible damage. That was probably for the best, despite the fight being anticlimactic, not ending in a real finish.

Alex Pereira vs. Jiri Prochazka

. Alex Pereira's KO . Alex Pereira's KO . A+.

The best finish of UFC 303 goes to none other than Alex Pereira, putting an official, stamped end to his rivalry with Jiří Procházka. Pereira fought an absolutely, perfect fight. He landed his famous calf kicks, maintained the right distance, and avoided getting taken down. Pereira did not allow Procházka to use his chaotic, forward style to outland him against the cage. There was a left hook knockdown, by Pereira, at the end bell of the first round. That could have ended the fight with more time left. However, that made the lead-up to the final finish even better. When the second round started, Pereira dropped Procházka with a head kick and landed major ground strikes until the referee stepped in at 13 seconds in. Part of what made this finish the best is Pereira making the case for him being the UFC's biggest star right now, with Conor McGregor inactive. He has come from tough beginnings as he was an alcoholic, working in a tire shop. He went from that to going to be a two-division kickboxing champ to, later, a two-division UFC champion. Pereira has only been in the UFC for three years and has already headlined some of the biggest UFC events in MSG and Las Vegas. His taking a main event slot on three weeks' notice, with no camp, to save International Fight Week adds to his stardom.