Francis Ngannou addresses judges after loss to Tyson Fury

Francis Ngannou tweets about the judges in his fight with Tyson Fury and he's not wrong.
Francis Ngannou
Francis Ngannou / Justin Setterfield/GettyImages

After Francis Ngannou lost to Tyson Fury in a highly contested 10-round split decision, Ngannou took to Twitter to share his first reactions.

"Tyson should say thank you to those 2 judges because I didn't win this fight," he tweeted with the eye roll emoji.

Another tweet the morning after proved Ngannou was still upset by the judges.

"This boxing world wild but some judges should be responsible for their actions," he tweeted. "This type of stuff is what fucks up people's career."

Many fans, fighters and media all felt that Ngannou won the fight after having cut Fury in round two and dropped him round three. But the judges felt otherwise.

Judges Alan Krebs (95-94) and Juan Carlos Pelayo (96-93) scored the fight for Fury, while Ed Garner had it 95-94 for Ngannou.

Fury reacted to the fight in the ring after the scores were read.

"That definitely wasn’t in the script. He’s one hell of a fighter. He’s strong, a big puncher, and a lot better as a boxer than we thought he would ever be. He’s a very awkward man, and he’s a good puncher. I respect him a lot, before the fight and afterward," Fury said. “He was very awkward. He wasn’t coming forward. He was standing back and waiting for me to land my punches and then try to counter. He’s a good fighter. He’s given me one of my toughest fights in the last 10 years.

Now Ngannou should go back to MMA to make his PFL debut but if he sticks it out in boxing for a bit more, no one would be upset.

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