Fans think Ian Garry's socks prove his pneumonia was fake (PHOTOS)

The latest MMA conspiracy theory is the wildest yet.

Ian Garry
Ian Garry / James Gilbert/GettyImages

MMA fans have some of the most creative minds of any fan base we know. But this new Ian Garry conspiracy theory, it's probably the worst one yet.

On Dec. 23, Garry posted a series of images of him suffering from the flu, which turned into pneumonia, forcing him out of his UFC 296 bout.

"Fight week didn’t go as planned. Influenza developed into pneumonia as I dropped weight and for the first time in my career I was pulled by the UFC Doctor," he wrote. "Flying home I met so many fans who flew out specifically to see me. F*ck. This is not how I wanted to meet you. I wanted to put on a show more than anything. Thank you for all your kind words, wonderful messages and to everyone who was there for me. You might read hateful comments online but I’ve discovered they aren’t real. In real life you book flights, hotels, you drive miles, and you show up, in Vegas. I appreciate the hell out everyone and I promise I’ll make it up to you all in February."

But something in those photos makes fans believe he was faking it all ... his socks. In all three of the photos, seemingly taken on different days with different outfits, Garry is seen wearing a pair of socks with white and pink hearts.

And the fans imaginations ran wild.

Of course, we all know that socks sometimes come in a multi-pack and he could just really like these socks.

Also, MMA fans are very, very bored right now.

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