EXCLUSIVE: Derrick Lewis stars in a hilarious Manscaped commercial (VIDEO)

Derrick Lewis has parlayed his "my balls was hot" line into so pretty perfect product placement with Manscaped.
Derrick Lewis for Manscaped
Derrick Lewis for Manscaped / Manscaped

UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis is a national treasure and this just cemented that legacy.

Lewis is now a spokesperson for Manscaped, which is a product line that caters to men and their... ahem, nether regions. This partnership is insanely perfect considering how often Lewis talks about his balls.

In his last UFC appearance Lewis knocked out Marcos Rogério de Lima in just 33 seconds and then promptly took off his UFC shorts and walked around the Octagon in his underwear.

On another occasion he threw his cup into the audience and another time he declared his "balls was hot" which has become a bit of his motto.

Now he's starring in a new commercial for Manscaped.

FanSided was the first to see the new commercial and man is it good.

Watch Derrick Lewis in the new Manscaped commercial

At the beginning of the commercial, you see Joe Rogan asking Lewis why he'd taken his pants off to which he replied, "Cause my balls was hot."

It then cuts to him in studio, talking about the product.

"Hi, my name is Derrick Lewis and I have the record for the most knockouts in UFC history," he says. "But there is one thing I couldn't beat, an embarrassing condition called my balls was hot."

He goes on, in the most dead pan way we all know and love, to describe the product line.

"That's before I found a performance package by Manscaped. Now I used Manscaped at least once a day.

The video then cuts to Lewis bowling and cleaning the ball.

"With Manscaped, my balls are smooth, my balls smell fresh and most importantly, my balls are cool."

If you didn't pick up on the vibe it's a play on all those commercials for new medications where the people are doing silly things like riding bikes or laying on the beach.

Absolutely genius marketing.