Everyone freaked out over the new Bas Rutten photos

Bas Rutten is nearly 60 years old and looks insanely ripped in recent vacation photos with Georges St-Pierre.
Bas Rutten
Bas Rutten / Anna Webber/GettyImages

This week several photos of Bas Rutten in Abu Dhabi emerged that shOCked the MMA community. The photos were initially posted by former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre of him and Rutten shirtless on a boat with several other men.

The images of Rutten went viral due to his incredible physique at 59 years old. "Bas Rutten is in some insane shape holy sh*t," someone commented. "Bas Rutten is almost 60. What a f*cking tank," another fan wrote.

Several comments alluded to possible steroids Rutten was taking to obtain the muscles we see in the photo. "Bas looking good for an old guy. TRT?" someone asked. Another comment reads, "Bas I fear you might be taking all the drugs my good friend.

Take a look at some of the reactions and the photos below.

Bas Rutten looks ripped in new photos with Georges St-Pierre

Rutten also shared the photos on Instagram with a caption reading, "Boys will be boys, always fun hanging out with the great one!!" St-Pierre replied on the post writing, "A lot of fun bro. U r the best!"

Rutten is a former UFC heavyweight champion and a three-time King of Pancrase world champion so being in shape is nothing new for Rutten, but he hasn't competed in MMA since 2006. Rutten won the UFC heavyweight title when he defeated Kevin Randleman at UFC 20. He ended up relenquishing the title due to injry and fought just once more before hanging up the gloves. He's wodely considered one of the best in MMA.

Have you ever heard this crazy Bas Rutten story?

Former UFC fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson recently told an insane story about Rutten. While speaking on his Jaxxon Podcast, Jackson spoke about seeing Rutten hit by a car.

"Out there on the street, I see him [Bas Rutten]. He looks the wrong way. He got hit by a car high in the air and he lands. I'm like, 'Oh my God, Bas is dead.' I'm like, 'What the fu*k.' He pops up, he feels his ribs like this and said, 'Okay, so no internal bleeding. Taxi'...Man, it was the craziest thing, bro," Jackson said.

Thankfully Rutten was ok. Perhaps he's made of steel and that's why he looks so incredible at nearly 60 years old.


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