Every UFC fighter who missed weight in 2024

A running list of all the UFC fighters who weren't so lucky on the scale in 2024.

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Cutting weight is perhaps the most grueling part of preparing for an MMA fight.

Fighters often say in interviews and press conferences that weeks after weeks of hardcore training is nothing compared to the struggle of cutting and making weight ahead of a fight. UFC and other fight promotions have often been criticized for their weight-cutting rules, but they still remain. However, UFC does provide required guidance of nutritionists and medical professionals through the Performance Institute if any fighter requires assistance.

Yet, sometimes, a fighter falls short of making weight. UFC currently has eight weight classes for men and three for women. For non-championship bouts, fighters get a grace of one pound in every weight class, but no such flexibility is there for the title fights. For example, for a lightweight championship fight, both fighters would have to weigh in at 155 lbs. or lower, whereas for a non-championship lightweight bout, the upper limit is 156 lbs.

As per the current UFC rules, if a fighter misses weight the first time, they are allowed a period of one hour to try and cut the remaining pounds. Fighters may opt out of this choice as well. If their final weight during the official weigh-in ceremony is above the mark, they are required to forfeit a percentage of their fight purse to their opponent. However, the opponent may refuse to fight when someone misses weight as well.

There have been quite a few controversies surrounding weight misses in the UFC. Charles Oliveira missing weight by half a pound and getting stripped of the lightweight belt ahead of UFC 274 is still fresh in every fan's memory. From Daniel Cormier's infamous "towel gate" to Khamzat Chimaev's massive weight miss shaking up the UFC 279 card, we have seen it all.

Following is a running list of every UFC fighter who misses weight in 2024.