Every UFC fighter who missed weight in 2024 [UPDATED JUNE]

A running list of all the UFC fighters who weren't so lucky on the scale in 2024.
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Cutting weight is perhaps the most grueling part of preparing for an MMA fight. Fighters often say in interviews and press conferences that weeks after weeks of hardcore training is nothing compared to the struggle of cutting and making weight ahead of a fight. UFC and other fight promotions have often been criticized for their weight-cutting rules, but they still remain. However, UFC does provide the required guidance of nutritionists and medical professionals through the Performance Institute if any fighter requires assistance.

Yet, sometimes, a fighter falls short of making weight. UFC currently has eight weight classes for men and three for women. For non-championship bouts, fighters get a grace of one pound in every weight class, but no such flexibility is there for the title fights. For example, for a lightweight championship fight, both fighters would have to weigh in at 155 lbs. or lower, whereas for a non-championship lightweight bout, the upper limit is 156 lbs.

As per the current UFC rules, if a fighter misses weight the first time, they are allowed a period of one hour to try and cut the remaining pounds. Fighters may opt out of this choice as well. If their final weight during the official weigh-in ceremony is above the mark, they are required to forfeit a percentage of their fight purse to their opponent. However, the opponent may refuse to fight when someone misses weight as well.

There have been quite a few controversies surrounding weight misses in the UFC. Charles Oliveira missing weight by half a pound and getting stripped of the lightweight belt ahead of UFC 274 is still fresh in every fan's memory. From Daniel Cormier's infamous "towel gate" to Khamzat Chimaev's massive weight miss shaking up the UFC 279 card, we have seen it all.

Following is a running list of every UFC fighter who misses weight in 2024.

UFC Vegas 84

Unfortunately, Manel Kape holds the honor of being the first UFC fighter to miss weight in 2024. Kape stepped on the scales 3.5 pounds over for his scheduled fight with Matheus Nicolau on Jan. 13. The did not end up happening due to Nicolau refusing the fight,

After the weight miss, Kape explained that he was sick. "Guys, I couldn’t make the weight this time, two weeks ago I was extremely sick due to a virus that happened here in Las Vegas, And I had to stay out of training for 5 days and filling myself with antibiotics, not only affected me but many of my training partners," he said on social media after the news broke.

His opponent then slammed him on Twitter for the mishap. "Kape was irresponsible, reckless, and disrespectful," Nicolau wrote in Portuguese. "He disrespected me, as a sports colleague, opponent, and martial artist. He disrespected MMA. Disrespected the UFC. Disrespected companies that support the sport. But most of all, he disrespected you, UFC fan and MMA fan."

UFC 297

Two fighters missed weight on the first pay-per-view event of the year. UFC 297 took place in Toronto, Canada, and it porved to be too difficult for two fighters.

Malcolm Gordon tipped the scales coming in at 127.5, making him 1.5 pounds heavy for his bout with Jimmy Flick. This was the second weight miss in a row for Gordon. He also missed weight for his UFC 286 fight with Jake Hadley in Marc 2023. He was fined 30 percent of his purse. He was the first fighter on the card to miss weight, but he was not the last.

Ramon Taveras weighed in at 139.75 pounds, a whole 3.75 pounds over for his fight with Serhiy Sidey. This was meant to be a bit of a redemption story for Taveras who fought Sidey at DWCS in September. He lost that match via a brutal knockout but made it to the big show on his second try two months later. This is not a good start to his official UFC career. He was fined 30 percent of his purse due to the amount of weight he was over.

UFC Vegas 85

We have yet to have an event this year where someone didn't miss weight. Unfortunately for her, this time it was Luana Carolina who tipped the scales. She came in three pounds over for her fight with Julija Stoliarenko. She will be fined 20 percent.

It's also worth noting that a Road to UFC finalist, Kaiwen also missed weight. Technically he's not a UFC fighter yet, but we'll make note of the miss anyway. He stepped on the scales at 149.5, 3.5 pounds over for his bout with Yizha, and will also lose 30 percent.

UFC Vegas 86

Ihor Potieria stepped on the scales at 187.5, one and a half pounds heavy for his fight with Robert Bryczek. He was fined 20 percent.

UFC Mexico

Ironically these two weight misses at UFC Mexico were fighting each other. Edgar Chairez weighed in five pounds heavy (131) for his fight with Daniel Lacerda who weighed in just one pound heavy (127). We can just call this one a wash.

UFC 299

C.J. Vergara was the only fighter to miss weight for UFC 299. He came in a pound heavy for his fight and was fined 30 percent. It's worth a note that the commission in Miami made the weigh-in window just one hour as opposed to two like other commissions. Vergara was given an additional hour to weigh in, but he was still heavy.

UFC Vegas 88

There were three fighters who missed weight at UFC Vegas 88. Natan Levy weighed in a half pound over the limit for his fight with Mike Davis. Levy has been fined 20 percent for the miss. Also on the card, Chelsea Chandler missed weight by one pound. She has been fined 20 percent for the miss. Danny Silva also tipped the scales at 148.5 pounds, 2.5 pounds over the limit. He has been fined 20 percent for the miss.

UFC Vegas 91

David Onama weighed in at 148.5 pounds for his fight with Jonathan Pearce. Also on the card, James Llontop weighed in a half-pound over at 156.5 for his bout with Chris Padilla.

UFC St. Louis

Jared Gooden failed to step on the scales for his fight with Kevin Jousset. The fighter has had a history of scale setbacks and wasn't even able to make it to the stage for his bout. The fight was canceled as a result.

UFC 302

The UFC went quite a few shows before Andre Lima snapped the streak. The flyweight missed weight by four pounds for his fight. His short-notice opponent was on point though so the fight went on as a catchweight. Lima was fined 30 percent.

UFC Louisville

Eduarda Moura missed weight for her strawweight match-up with Denise Gomes. Moura came in a half pound over the 116 pound weight limit and was fined 20 percent of her purse.

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