Dylan Reischman's leg, 3 other most gruesome MMA injuries of 2023 (VIDEO)

4 of the worst injuries of the year.

Dylan Reischman
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Istela Nunes’ horrific elbow injury (UFC)

Please be warned, the video below is extremely graphic, viewer discretion is advised.

We all screamed together when we saw Istela Nunes' elbow bend the way it did at UFC Vegas 77.

Nunes was fighting Viktoriya Dudakova on the prelims when she posted her arm on the canvas and it just gave out, dislocating the joint. Nunes' screams were the things of nightmares.

After the fight, UFC president Dana White shared her X-Ray and honestly, it was worse than we all thought.

She hasn't fought since the incident and she's lost all four of her UFC appearances so its unlikely we'll see her in the Octagon at all again. But maybe White will take pity on her and give her one last shot.

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